AQUA RESORT: a major real estate development project in Sint Maarten

AQUA RESORT is a major real estate complex project, under construction in Cupecoy in Sint Maarten. This luxury real estate development, bordered by the Caribbean Sea, offers you an opportunity to invest in an exceptional real estate project that will surely delight all of your expectations. Taking advantage of a privileged geographical location, a breathtaking view of the fine sandy beaches of Cupecoy, a large number of amenities and various activities near the complex, AQUA RESORT will also make you enjoy its studios, condos, apartments & high standing penthouses, where boat berths will be offered to you for even more comfort.

Know that you can also take advantage of the commercial units already available for sale in Aqua Resort!

Studios, 1-2 Bedrooms

Penthouses & Duplex

Luxury Villas

aqua resort development project sint maarten 4u real estate
aqua resort development project sint maarten 4u real estate appartement programme de développement immobilier

AQUA RESORT & MARINA: a real estate project with endless opportunities on the island of Sint Maarten & Saint Martin

This real estate development project provides many opportunities for residents and investors. Defined as the most extraordinary project of all time in Sint Maarten & Saint Martin, this luxury real estate complex offers several units in pre-construction: studios, condos, apartments and penthouses, but also providing a marina with berths to accommodate your boats.

With the aim of developing a complete and unique project on the island, the real estate residence and its marina are also planning commercial units available today for sale off plan in AQUA RESORT in Cupecoy, Sint Maarten.

The AQUA RESORT real estate development project is currently under construction. You can already choose between several pre-construction units, spread over 15 floors and adapted to your requirements.

AQUA RESORT is a luxury resort with an ideal location, also offering a wide variety of amenities. Its marina will accommodate the boats of residents but also visitors to the residence. Located in a dynamic and welcoming area, AQUA RESORT will certainly meet each of your expectations. Modern and fully equipped, each of the apartments, studios, condos and penthouses in pre-construction will have a multitude of assets!

A prime location in the Caribbean

The AQUA RESORT project benefits from a prime geographical location in Sint Maarten since it is located at the water’s edge, not far from the magnificent coves of Cupecoy. This real estate development project, in the heart of the Caribbean, represents an incredible investment opportunity for local but also international investors. With a range of essential shops close to the residence, but also an international airport, a multitude of restaurants, shops, nightclubs, a magnificent golf course or even the beaches of Mullet Bay in Cupecoy, residents of AQUA RESORT can enjoy a privileged quality of life in the Caribbean.

The Cupecoy sector has been actively developing for many years now and will very quickly become an ultra popular place to live, both thanks to the improvement of its existing infrastructures but also to the construction of new real estate development projects in high added value like Fourteen At Mullet Bay, Jordan Village and now AQUA RESORT.

The potential of its new constructions offers Cupecoy great opportunities and thus leads it to become one of the most promising and popular sectors in the Caribbean!

aqua resort development project sint maarten 4u real estate
aqua resort development project sint maarten 4u real estate

A marina worthy of the island of Sint Maarten

The objective of building a marina at AQUA RESORT is simple: to attract the most beautiful boats in the Caribbean to the island of Sint Maarten & Saint Martin. AQUA RESORT & MARINA aims to position itself as the capital of Yachting; this project promises to be a key element in the economic and tourist development of the island of Sint Maarten & Saint Martin.

Thus, the mission of AQUA RESORT is to be able to offer an exceptional living environment and amenities with this magnificent marina under construction but also the restaurants, the Olympic swimming pool, the bars, the shops and the golf course of Sint Maarten planned for the residents of AQUA RESORT; elements that will certainly support the success of this luxury, inspiring and sustainable resort project.

To become the proud owner of a boat berth in the heart of this marina, you will first need to own a studio, apartment, condo or penthouse in the resort.

A real estate complex that always offers more amenities

Investing in AQUA RESORT the new development in Cupecoy is above all investing in a privileged living environment on the island of Sint Maarten & Sint Martin, where everything is thought out for the development of the residents. Thus, in addition to the luxury and comfort that you will enjoy in the resort’s condos, penthouses and apartments, this real estate development project in the Caribbean promises you a variety of mind-blowing amenities, for young and old alike!

If you are a sportsman, AQUA RESORT has everything planned for you! Gym, tennis court, paddle, Olympic swimming pool and multiple water activities await you! Need comfort after your workout? Take a refreshing break at the pool bar to enjoy a moment of relaxation, then continue your privileged moment with a succulent meal in a charming restaurant by the water! A relaxation area will also be available to complete your relaxation on the wonderful island of Sint Maarten.

Reserve some time just for yourself and enjoy the massages in the resort’s jacuzzis!

24 hours a day, every day of the week, a concierge service as well as a security service will be at your disposal and will take care of ensuring your peace of mind.

In order to ensure your peace of mind, AQUA RESORT has provided a generator so that your daily life is not shaken in the event of a power cut!

For parking, you will have access to a car park as well as to the boat dock of the marina.

aqua resort development project sint maarten 4u real estate
condo for sale aqua resort cupecoy sint maarten 4u real estate

Discover the availabilities within the luxury residence AQUA RESORT

Many pre-construction units are available within the luxury residence AQUA RESORT in Cupecoy, Sint Maarten! Condos, studios, penthouses, apartments, commercial units and boat berths are already available for sale!

Click on the “discover availability” button below and access our new virtual tool to discover the pre-construction units offered for sale off plan in AQUA RESORT. Only a few units left for sale!

To find out which ones, place the cursor on the property that interests you. If it appears in green, it is a studio. If it appears in orange, it is an apartment with one bedroom.

The building complex contains 15 floors, but only 10 of them are available for purchase currently.

If you are unable to consult the available units, contact 4U REAL ESTATE to obtain the list of prices and availability in AQUA RESORT Development.

AQUA RESORT in Sint Maarten, a high potential investment opportunity

The luxury real estate project, AQUA RESORT, is a real investment opportunity. Indeed, it allows you to invest your money in an asset class independent of the stock market. Investing in a real estate development project represents a tangible asset that you will constantly need.

Buying a pre-construction unit in this luxury real estate complex in Cupecoy, Sint Maarten means taking advantage of the most fruitful return on investment possibility.

First, you will have the possibility to choose the rental of your condo, studio, penthouse or apartment on the island of Sint Maarten & Saint Martin, and to take advantage of the tourist attractiveness offered by the island. Recognized as a popular destination in the Caribbean and offering an infinite choice of activities, the island is also appreciated for its warm climate and its highly attractive paradisiacal places. By purchasing a residential unit, you will therefore make an intelligent investment that will perfectly combine the financial aspect and the pleasure aspect. This will allow you to take full advantage of your residence when it is not rented, but also choose to rent it when you do not wish to use it. As a result, the return on investment offered is not only financial, which is thus particularly interesting.

Secondly, you can choose to rent your residential or commercial unit in AQUA RESORT per year, which will allow you to obtain a regular monthly income.

Third, buy-sell* can also be an option! Buying a residential or commercial unit at AQUA RESORT and reselling it will allow you to make an interesting capital gain. Indeed, the attractiveness of the island of Sint Maarten & Saint Martin as well as the Cupecoy sector, but also the opportunities offered by AQUA RESORT will increase the price of your unit year after year! Also note that in Sint Maarten, the capital gain is not taxed!

* To resell your pre-construction unit in AQUA RESORT before the transfer of ownership to the notary, you must first obtain the written agreement of 4U REAL ESTATE to be able to resell your unit before the end of the construction of the AQUA project RESORT

condo for sale aqua resort cupecoy sint maarten 4u real estate
aqua resort development project sint maarten 4u real estate
aqua resort sxm sint maarten développement cupecoy sint maarten appartement a vendre
aqua resort sxm sint maarten développement cupecoy sint maarten appartement a vendre

How is the purchase of a pre-construction unit in AQUA RESORT?

Once you have defined your desires for your luxury residential unit in AQUA RESORT, it is time to make the purchase! To become the proud owner of a pre-construction unit in this real estate complex in Sint Maarten, you will need to contact 4U REAL ESTATE to help you choose the unit best suited to your desires and criteria. Their know-how and knowledge of the pre-construction market on the island of Sint Maarten & Saint Martin will allow you to find the perfect property to meet your investment project in AQUA RESORT.

These professionals will know how to make every effort so that you can acquire the studio, condo, penthouse or apartment of your dreams in Sint Maarten. Experts in the field of real estate, they will provide you with complete and personalized support throughout the process of purchasing your pre-construction unit in AQUA RESORT. At 4U REAL ESTATE, the emphasis is on support and advice, which is why you can be sure that you will never miss an opportunity!

Quality at the center of priorities for the construction of the AQUA RESORT project

The teams engaged for the construction of this AQUA RESORT real estate development project in Cupecoy, Sint Maarten, are made up of the best architects, engineers, project managers, technical controllers, companies… All stages of the project delivery will be closely monitored. closely by regular inspections in order to avoid any defect or construction defect. Indeed, prevention is better than cure! For the construction of the luxury complex AQUA RESORT, everything must be perfect! Thus, to achieve exceptional quality, compliance with standards and your requirements will be at the center of the concerns of each worker. Once the construction is completed, an inspection with the project manager and yourself will be carried out in order to guarantee a quality of finish without defect. If necessary, corrective work will be carried out to meet your expectations. Your satisfaction will be at the heart of all attention!

aqua resort sxm sint maarten développement cupecoy sint maarten appartement a vendre
aqua resort sxm sint maarten développement cupecoy sint maarten appartement a vendre

We answer to your Questions...

On the 15 floors of our construction project, you will find various types of units: studios, apartments, condos, penthouses, and commercial spaces (restaurant, spa, gym…) as well as boat berths for sale. . Whatever you are looking for, you are bound to find a unit that suits you.

The Aqua Resort offers its residential units fitted and equipped kitchens, a dryer, a washing machine, a fitted and equipped bathroom, and very high level finishes. All you have to do is choose your furniture and your unit will be completely ready!

If you wish to reserve a pre-built unit in the Aqua Resort in Sint Maarten, we recommend that you speak to 4U REAL ESTATE for the latest information and advice from a professional experienced in off-plan buying and pre-construction. -construction. As official representatives of the sale of the Aqua Resort project, we assure you of quality assistance and support.

As the buyer of a pre-construction unit at the Aqua Resort in Sint Maarten, it is important to be aware of the payment schedule related to the progress of the work. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

When acquiring real estate in Sint Maarten, you will be required to transfer the ownership to a notary, with ownership transfer fees payable by the purchaser, amounting to a range of 5-6 % of purchase price.

The real estate projects we offer are designed to meet cyclonic and seismic standards. We are doing everything we can to guarantee the safety and resistance of residents and visitors to the Aqua Resort.

The Aqua Resort condominium fees will be divided between the marina and the commercial and residential part. The berth owners will be responsible for paying marina maintenance fees, while the commercial and residential unit owners will be responsible for the remaining charges, such as $225.00 per month for a studio and approximately $335.00 per month for a one-bedroom apartment/condo (or $5.00 per square meter).

The construction of the Aqua Resort, whose earthworks have been completed since January 2023, will be delivered during the 4th quarter of 2026.

We are delighted to offer you for sale, at Aqua Resort, studios, apartments, condos, penthouses, commercial units and boat berths. If you would like to know more about the units available, do not hesitate to contact us!

If you are a foreigner, you have the possibility of becoming a property owner in Sint Maarten and benefiting from the advantages of a permanent resident. Come and discover the Aqua Resort in Sint Maarten and become an owner!

Penthouses will have a higher ceiling height than studios, apartments and condos, which will be 2.7 meters (8.9 feet).