The Hills Residence Real Estate Project in Simpson Bay (Sint Maarten) by 4U Real Estate


The project The Hills Simpson Bay Residence

The Hills Residence is a new development of new construction, located in the most dynamic and popular area of ​​the island of Sint Maarten: Simpson Bay.

The Hills Residence brings an upscale development to this sector, it consists of 152 apartments, 20 commercial units and two restaurants. This residence will offer you a pleasant, comfortable and secure living environment with its local shops and many amenities (a "rooftop" swimming pool, these lounges to relax, and a company in charge of security ...).

The hills Résidence
Simpson Bay Sint Maarten

Simpson Bay (Sint Maarten)

Decades ago, Simpson Bay Lagoon was lined with white sandy beaches, and the small village of Simpson Bay was home to the island's fishermen. Fishing continues, but Simpson Bay has become the epicenter of Sint Maarten tourism.


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 Commercial area The Hills Simpson Bay Residence

Located in the heart of Simpson Bay, The commercial area of ​​The Hills Residence invites you to invest in the most dynamic district of Sint Maarten. It consists of 20 business units and 2 restaurants.

Prices start at $ 235,000.

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Residential area The Hills Simpson Bay Residence

The residential area of ​​The Hills Residence is made up of 152 apartments spread over 4 buildings. Each building has on its roof: a swimming pool and a lounge area to relax while enjoying the breathtaking view of the lagoon of Simpson Bay and its surroundings.

This residence allows you to choose your apartment according to your needs: do you need an apartment with one or two bedrooms, do you prefer a panoramic view, a balcony or a garden?

Prices start at $ 225,000.


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Commercial Units 

When is construction due to start? Do you have a delivery date?

The construction of the The Hills Residence will begin in October 2021. The construction is broken down into three phases:

- Phase 1: Phase 1 of the construction of the “The Hills” residence consists of the completion of the commercial area and of building 1, delivery is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023 ;
- Phase 2: Phase 2 consists of the construction of building 2 & 3, delivery is scheduled for the second quarter of 2024 ;
- Phase 3: Phase 3 consists of the construction of building 4, delivery is scheduled for the second quarter of 2025.

What is the estimated profitability?

The expected gross profitability is estimated at 8.5% for long-term rental. Regarding the seasonal rental we are at 14% for 25 weeks.

Do you offer a management service?

Choosing to delegate the management of your property in the The Hills Residence to 4U Real Estate is above all the choice of tranquility! By choosing to entrust us with the management of your property, you are ensuring a regular income from your property thanks to real estate professionals.

How much are the condominium fees?

Monthly condominium fees are estimated at $ 4 per m2.

Do you have a sales office?

Yes, we have a sales office located directly on the construction site of The Hills Residence. Don't wait any longer, make an appointment!

Are notary fees included in the sale price?

The notary fees are not included in the sale price of the units of The Hills Residence, the fees are 6%.

Can we use a mortgage?

If you want to use a mortgage for the purchase of your apartment or your business units The Hills Residence, it is possible! You will have to make a 50% contribution and our partner bank will finance you. Obviously you will start to pay your monthly installments only once the good has been delivered!

How do we pay for the apartment or our business unit

The Hills Residence offers you as part of the off-plan sale to pay for your apartment according to the progress of the work. Do not hesitate to contact us to receive the schedule!

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