Building 4 of The Hills Simpson Bay Residence

Description of the Building 4 at The Hills Simpson Bay Residence

The Building 4 of "The Hills Residence" offers you a breathtaking view of the Simpson Bay lagoon and its surroundings, with its 40 apartments spread over 5 levels, and its "rooftop" swimming pool. One-bedroom apartments start at $ 250,000 and two-bedroom apartments start at $ 360,000.

The Hills Residence - Building 4
The Hills Residence - Building 1 - Exterior

Apartment Interior The Hills Simpson Bay Residence 

You should know that the modern and luxurious apartments of The Hills Residence are delivered turnkey, with an allocated covered parking space! Indeed, the kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning, washing machine and dryer are included in the price and immediately ready for use when the long-awaited moment of delivery comes.

Availability, Plan, Price of The Building 4 at The Hills Simpson Bay Residence


How to invest in "The Hills Residence"?


"The Hills Residence" offers you as part of the off-plan sale to pay your apartment according to the progress of the work:

  • 10% Deposit at signing of the agreement;
  • 20% By foundations;
  • 20% By end of structure; 
  • 15% By drywall;
  • 10% By installation of windows;
  • 10% By installation of tiles; 
  • 10% By installation of bath and kitchen;
  • 05% At the signing of the notarial deed through which the title to the Unit is transferred to the Buyer.

If you want to use a mortgage for the purchase of your apartment in "The Hills Residence", it is possible! You will have to make a 50% contribution and our partner bank will take care of the rest. Obviously you will start to pay your monthly installments only once the apartment has been delivered!

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